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Sample page of Bernard's Thesaurus Biblicus (1644)

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concordance; thesaurus; bible; Bernard; index


Author: Bernard, Richard

Title: Thesaurus Biblicus, Seu Promptuarium Sacrum: Whereunto are Added all the Marginall Readings, with the Words of the Text, and Many Words in the Text Expounded by the Text, all Alphabetically Set Downe Throughout the Bible: In the End is Annexed an Abstract of the Principal Mattters [Sic] in the Holy

Imprint: London: Imprinted by Felix Kingston, and are to be sold at his house in Pater-Noster-Row, at the Signe of the Gilded Cock

Date: 1644


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Location: Fisher Rare Book Library

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Richard Bernard, 1568-1641, author of The Faithfull Shepheard. From DNB: "Bernard's pastoral and pedagogical concerns were again manifest in The Bibles Abstract and Epitome (1642). He died on 31 March 1642, and his successor at Batcombe, Richard Alleine, was installed on 18 March. Two of his manuscripts lay unpublished until 1644: Certaine Positions Seriously to bee Considered of and Thesaurus biblicus, seu, Promptuarium sacrum, a concordance containing his portrait (by Wenceslaus Hollar) and a preface by John Conant." But, see our ArchBook blog entry ... it is NOT a concordance.

1) Thesaurus Biblicus: seu, Promptuarium Sacrum. That is, the Bibles Treasury. Or, Holy Store-house.
2) The Diverse Marginall Readings with the Text, and Many Words in the Text, Interpreted by other words, all set downe Alphabetically. [image 230 in EEBO]
3) The Bibles Abstract and Epitome, The Capitall Heads, Examples, Sentences and Precepts of all the Principall Matters in Theologie. [not in EEBO copy]