Alexander Pope's Dunciad: Book One


Edmund Curll was a publisher and rival of Alexander Pope. Curll occupied several establishments in London from 1706 until his death in 1747. Click on the date buttons below to see where Curll's shops were during the indicated times. The buttons will toggle the locations on and off, so you may have several locations displayed at one time. Locations from Plomer's Dictionary1 can be found below.

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1706-1710: Peacock without Temple Bar.
1710-1723: Dial and Bible, against St. Dunstan's Church, next the Temple Coffee House in Fleet Street.
1720: Paternoster Row.
1723-1726: Over against Catherine Street in the Strand.
1728: First publishing of Alexander Pope's Dunciad.
1729: Next to Wills's Coffee House in Bow Street, Covent Garden.
1729: Variorum edition of the Dunciad.
1733: Burleigh Street, Strand.
1735-1747: Pope's Head, Rose Street, Covent Garden.
1742: The New Dunciad.
1743: The Dunciad in Four Books.

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1. Plomer, Henry R. A Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers who were at work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1668-1725. Oxford UP, Oxford: 1922.