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The Sound and the Fury hypertext was edited at the University of Saskatchewan by: 

R.P. Stoicheff, professor of English. He is interested in hypertext theory and modernist writers. He is the author of The Hall of Mirrors: Drafts and Fragments and the End of Ezra Pound's Cantos.  

Allison Muri. Her doctoral dissertation examines the trope of human-as-machine, and compares literary responses to mechanistic philosophy during the Enlightenment to "postmodern" cyborg/cyberspace narratives. 

Joel (Web-Crashin') Deshaye. He is interested in aesthetics, the visual arts, and language philosophy as they pertain to digital media. He wrote his M.A. thesis on the paradoxical aesthetic of the "sensitive man" in the poetry of Al Purdy and has written on Aldous Huxley's connections to Saskatchewan. 

Maria Truchan-Tataryn. Her M.A. thesis is Benjy Resurrected: A Deconstruction of the Idiot in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury

Jon Bath. His M.A. thesis is The Well-Coded Urn: Authorial Design in the Hypertext Fiction of Stuart Moulthrop and Michael Joyce

Dave Mitchell, honours English graduate. Author of "Pooh-lysses." 

Kathleen Murphy, honours English graduate. 

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