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Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy Carter, Sarah 1990 VIEW
Bounty and Benevolence: A History of Saskatchewan Treaties Ray, Arthur J, J.R. Miller and Frank Tough. 2000 VIEW
”Infamous Proposals”: Prairie Indian Reserve Land and Soldier Settlement after World War I. Carter, Sarah 1999 VIEW
The Indian Commissioners: Agents of the State and Indian Policy in Canada’s Prairie West, 1873-1932. Titley, Brian 2009 VIEW
Negotiating the Numbered Treaties: An Intellectual and political biography of Alexander Morris Talbot, Robert J. 2009 VIEW
Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools Miller, J.R. 1996 VIEW
History of Battleford Industrial School for Indians Wasylow, Walter Julian 1972 VIEW
Compact, Contract, Covenant: Aboriginal Treaty Making in Canada Miller, J.R. 2009 VIEW
The Canadian Prairies: A History Friesen, Gerald 1987 VIEW
The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories Including the Negotiations on which they were based, and other Information relating thereto Morris, Alexander 1880 VIEW
Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life Daschuk, James 2013 VIEW
A Very Remarkable Sickness: Epidemics in the Petit Nord, 1670 to 1846 Hackett, Paul 2002 VIEW
Indians in the Fur Trade: Their Role as Trappers, Hunters, and Middlemen in the Lands Southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870 Ray, Arthur J. 1998 VIEW
Invisible Demons: Epidemic Disease and the Plains Cree, 1670-1880 Brain, Rebecca Lee Barbara 2002 VIEW
Saskatchewan: A New History Waiser, Bill 2005 VIEW
First Nations Land Surrenders on the Prairies, 1896-1911 Martin-McGuire, Peggy 1998 VIEW
From Wooden Ploughs to Welfare: Why Indian Policy Failed in the Prairie Provinces Buckley, Helen 1992 VIEW
A Narrow Vision: Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada Titley, Brian 1986 VIEW
Walking in Indian Moccasins: The Native Policies of Tommy Douglas and the CCF Barron, F. Laurie 1997 VIEW
One Century Later: Western Canadian Prairie Indians Since Treaty 7 Getty, Ian A.L and Donald B. Smith 1978 VIEW
Money, Markets, and Economic Development in Saskatchewan Indian Reserve Communities, 1870 to 1930s Beal, Carl 1994 VIEW
Canada's Subjugation of the Plains Cree, 1879-1885 Tobias, John L. 1983 VIEW
Forging a Frontier: Social Capital and Canada's Mounted Police, 1867-1914 Fanning, Soren 2012 VIEW
The Indian, the Métis and the Fur Trade Class, Sexism and Racism in the Transition from “Communism” to Capitalism Bourgeault, Ron G. 1983 VIEW
The Administration of Federal Indian Aid in the North-West Territories, 1879-1885 Dyck, Noel 1970 VIEW
The Industrial Transformation of Subarctic Canada Piper, Liza 2009 VIEW
Policing the Great Plains: Rangers, Mounties, and the North American Frontier, 1875-1910 Graybill, Andrew R. 2007 VIEW
Remembering the File Hills Farm Colony Bednasek, C. Drew 2009 VIEW
Peyote on the Prairies: Religion, Scientists, and Native-Newcomer Relations in Western Canada Dyck, Erika and Tolly Bradford 2012 VIEW
The Saskatchewan CCF Government and Treaty Indians, 1944-1964 Pitsula, James M 1994 VIEW
Report -- Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Government of Canada 1991 VIEW
CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan: Battling Parish Priests, Bootleggers, and Fur Sharks Quiring, David M 2004 VIEW
Enough to keep them alive: Indian welfare in Canada, 1873-1965 Shewell, Hugh 2004 VIEW
Hidden in Plain Sight: Contribution of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture Beavon, Daniel, Newhouse, David and Cora J. Voyageur 2011 VIEW
Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies Pettipas, Katherine 1994 VIEW
Categories and Terrains of Exclusion: Constructing the "Indian Woman" in the Early Settlement Era in Western Canada Carter, Sarah 1993 VIEW
Seeking Alternatives to Bill C-31: From Cultural Trauma to Cultural Revitalization Through Customary Law Fiske, Jo-Anne and Evelyn George 2006 VIEW
Homeland to Hinterland: The Changing Worlds of the Red River Metis in the Nineteenth Century Ens, Gerhard J. 1996 VIEW
Loyal Till Death: Indians and the North-West Rebellion Stonechild, Blair and Bill Waiser 1997 VIEW
Treaty Research Report, Treaty Ten (1906) Coates, Kenneth and William R. Morrison 1986 VIEW
Dispossession or Adaptation? Migration and Persistence of the Red River Metis, 1835-1890 Ens, Gerhard J. 1988 VIEW
Metis Lands in Manitoba Flanagan, Thomas 1991 VIEW
Metis Land Grants in Manitoba: A Statistical Study Flanagan, Thomas and Gerhard J. Ens 1994 VIEW
Two Acres and a Cow: 'Peasant' Farming for the Indians of the Northwest, 1889-1897 Carter, Sarah 1989 VIEW
Indian Treaty-Making Policy in the United States and Canada, 1867-1877 St. Germain, Jill 2001 VIEW
Broken Treaties: United States and Canadian Relations with the Lakotas and the Plains Cree, 1868-1885 St. Germain, Jill 2009 VIEW
Copy of Treaty No. 6 between Her Majesty the Queen and the Plain and Wood Cree Indians and other Tribes of Indians at Fort Carlton, Fort Pitt and Battle River with Adhesions Morris, Alexander 1876 VIEW
The Free People-Li Gens Libres: A History of the Métis Community of Batoche, Saskatchewan Payment, Diane P. 2009 VIEW
Canada and the Métis, 1869-1885 Sprague, D.N. 1988 VIEW
As Long as this Land Shall Last: A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 1870-1939 Fumoleau, René 2004 VIEW
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