Innovations in Qualitative Research conference

June 11 - 13, 2012

University of Saskatchewan


Welcome to the third Innovations in Qualitative Research Conference (IQRC 2012, University of Saskatchewan) June 11th to 13th, 2012. The conference is bringing  together Canadian and international scholars and graduate students to explore innovations in the rapidly expanding field of qualitative research and methodologies.   IQRC 2012 builds upon the successes of IQRC 2008 IQRC 2010 and is unique with respect to its overarching objective emphasizing the exploration of innovations in research methods.  In particular, our objectives are: 1) to share and assess current, innovative qualitative research methodologies, topics, and applications, with regard to the disciplinary or interdisciplinary similarities and differences in such work; 2) to build capacity in theoretical as well as applied work, through the mentorship of new scholars and graduate students; and 3) to create new opportunities for research collaborations via exploration of  scholars’ research interests and questions, methodologies, basic epistemological and ontological assumptions, and research applications, while respecting disciplinary differences.


Welcome to IQRC 2012

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Keynote Speakers

Ron Pelias

Southern Illinois University

Ronald J. Pelias teaches performance studies in the Department of Speech Communication at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He works on the stage primarily as a director and on the page as a writer committed to non-traditional forms of representation. His most recent books exploring qualitative methods are Writing Performance: Poeticizing the Researcher’s Body (1999), A Methodology of the Heart: Evoking Academic & Daily Life (2004), and Leaning: A Poetics of Personal Relations (2011).

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Julie Easley is a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at the University of New Brunswick. Her background is in medical anthropology and she has been working for the past 9 years at the Dalhousie University Family Medicine Teaching Unit as a research assistant. Her research interests include cancer survivorship and rehabilitation issues; gender and health issues; rural and young adult populations; and communication issues within the healthcare system.

Julie Easley

University of New Brunswick