Future Saskatoon

Designing the Way of the Future


Our Team

Eliakim Longaquit | Urban Planning and Design | University of Saskatchewan

Wayland Bang | Interactive System Design | University of Saskatchewan

Brandon Piller | Interactive System Design | University of Saskatchewan


Saskatoon is evolving to become a beautiful city, being the only Canadian city to be named in The New York Times Places to Visit in 2018. The city continues to strive to express an exceptional appreciation for Art and Architecture, such as the recent Remai Modern gallery. The great potential for bringing tourism to Saskatoon must start with revitalizing the existing public spaces, with a focus on building people-centric streets. This project is intended to implement creative ideas that will highlight the essence of “people first” development. Our digital culture team at the University of Saskatchewan takes pleasure in this special task that will not only bring out the best of everyone’s design skills but also may elicit insights regarding the city’s promising future.

Design Thinking

Shaping Saskatoon downtown core physical form can be more frustrating because constructing physical changes within should consider government, businesses, and community interests along the overall process. However, our team is willing to forgo any restrictions between government and businesses perhaps, in order for this revitalization project to be flexibly executed. That said, this revitalization project for 2nd Avenue of downtown Saskatoon claims that money and laws are no object of this plan. Having fewer constraints help the team to apply the majestic imagination they could think of seeing into the 2nd Avenue to make it as an enticing and exciting place of Saskatoon. Our team desires to focus essentially on designing public spaces, where movements and interactions between individuals could further be well-encouraging. Our team believes that creating a safe and comfortable space for people’s movement will be the outstanding attributes of Saskatoon Tourism. Getting inspirations from many of today’s urban designers or architects and their city’s projects, our team is hopeful on a possibility that this project will contribute towards Saskatoon’s ongoing plans for making the city center exceptionally vibrant and aesthetically beautiful. With the current amenities and physical form of 2nd Avenue of downtown Saskatoon, our team has seen the great potential to make the selected area way more vibrant for pedestrians’ movement and engagement. First, the project area is adjacent to the Bus Terminal at 23rd Street East. It is expected that pedestrian movement is frequently higher in daily numbers as commuters come in and out of buses. Also, the 2nd Avenue has been offering upscale restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and music hub already, such as O’Brians - the premier event center of Saskatoon. Lastly, the current street design layout is narrowly constructed, which makes the goal of pedestrian-friendly space easier to innovate.


The project will be realized in an explorable 3D environment, where users can walk the streets of our newly designed 2nd ave and get a feel for the potential of 2nd Ave.The process of building this project will work in three stages. The first stage is going to 2nd Ave and understanding the space and the people who are involved in the space. This would involve walking the streets and seeing what is there, what could be changed and what could remain the same.The second step is the design and modeling of the new 2nd Ave. This would be done using the 3D modeling program AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a powerful and easy tool to learn and works especially well with building designs, which is what a lot of the redesigns will be. Once the buildings are designed, the third set is importing the models into Unity and constructing our 3D simulator. Unity is a game engine that is versatile, user-friendly, and comes with a system called UMA, which allows for the quick creation of humanoid avatars. Once the scene has been built, the designs have been imported, the code implemented and debugged, the project would be ready to go.

Inspiration For Our Project

This is Your City

With all the groundwork laid out, how exactly will the area look like when it is done? Getting rid of the road and parking within it is not an uncommon urban redesign method, and can be seen in many places in the world: Paris, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and more. When walking through this space, you will feel stress-free and inspired to continue your day with a smile on your face. When you look across from the outer edge of the space, you will feel welcomed and ready to explore. It reminds you of a European city where roads were never built in the first place and the only way to get to one place to another is by walking. You smell the coffee of the cafés, beer from the pubs, bagels from the bakery, and more. You think about how great it would to go on a date here with someone you’ve been admiring at work. You sit on a public bench as the snow falls, warmed by the tower heaters, and notice people skating on the rink next to the public stage, and think how nothing can ruin your day. Now, imagine how all these exciting activities mentioned above can be seen at our new street design layout of 2nd Avenue. Below is the map figure that our digital culture team is about to propose for revitalization project for 2nd Avenue of downtown Saskatoon.