Library: British Library, London

Manuscript: Sloane MS 4045

Folio: ff. 223-224

Microfilm: The History of Science and Technology Series One: The Papers of Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 From the British Library, London Part 1: Science & Society, 1660-1773 Reel 5 Sloane Mss. 4044, 4045 98463

Language: French

Letter Categories:
Trade or Commodities

Letter Subject:
Mineral Waters

Date of letter (as written): July 4, 1719 (Gregorian)

Standardised date: 1719-07-04

Letter Origin (as written): Hannover

Letter Destination (as written):

Johann Georg Steigertahl

Sir Hans Sloane

Others Mentioned:
Mr. Chapuzeca
George I of Great Britain
Mr. Mustapsa
Mrs. Steigertahl
Baroness de Goerif
M. le Besidont

Letter written about self or others: N/A

Single or Multiple Sufferers: N/A

Patients Mentioned in Letter:
No Patients Attached to this Letter



Other Notes:
Steighertahl gave the 'Manna' to Mr Mutapsa, who is still in Hanover. He ordered more 'kinkina' from Mr Chapuzeca and reports that the waters of Pyrmont do not have purgative qualities. The waters acted more like a diuretic for the 4 or 5 weeks they were taken and have the properties of soft water. His Majesty has been taking the waters of Pyrmont for two weeks and is in good health. Steigertahl's wife has also been taking the waters of Pyrmont. He mentions Sloane's chocolate, Mr le Besidont, and Madame de Georif. Johann Georg Steigertahl (1666-1740) was the personal physician to George I of England. He was a member of the Royal Society and secured the purchase of Engelbert Kaempfer's collection of East Asian curiosities for Sir Hans Sloane in 1723 (