Library: British Library, London

Manuscript: Sloane MS 4076

Folio: f. 46


Language: English

Letter Categories:

Letter Subject:

Date of letter (as written): February 12, 1722/23 (Unknown)

Standardised date:

Letter Origin (as written): Amersham Bucks

Letter Destination (as written):

Timothy Lovett

Sir Hans Sloane

Others Mentioned:
No Other Attached to This Letter

Letter written about self or others: Self

Single or Multiple Sufferers: Single Sufferer

Patients Mentioned in Letter:

Patient 1

Timothy Lovett (Male)

Age of Patient: Over forty.

Description of Patient: Smoker

Previous Treatment: Balsam of sulphur and linseed oil

Ongoing Treatment: Oxymel

Diagnosis: Shortness of breath; phlegmatic cough; knots in hands; possible symptoms of scurvy (itching pimples on the hands); loss of appetite; swelling in legs.


Theme Description:

Illness narrative
Pain descriptions

Medical Problem(s):
Skin ailments


Fol. 46 I have been troubled with a flegmatick cough above forty years spitting sometimes thick and white clotted fleme one nostril running corruptive thin matter smelling stinking shortness of breath but worst in the morning it holds me an hour or more spitting makes me quamish and faintish till I have to spit it up and use a little brandy in ye morning and desire you would be pleased to let me know whether it bee proper and what liquors be fittest for mee to drink and what meat to eat. I have used my selfe to smoking several years about 5 pipes a day but it is ready to make me short breathed. I find it opens and loosens ye body. I have several knots in my hands and sometimes itchy pimples about mee which proceeds from ye scurvy. I have a very little stomach to eat and what I doe eat it turns to thick fleme it digests and I sleep I thank God indifferently well Swelling in my leggs sometimes whether bleeding or vomiting convenient riding or going on foot which is most proper I can do either but not so well as formerly ... things I have taken and balsam of sulphur and linseed oil that which is binding I find is not proper for me. Pray Sir as you are an eminent phisitian lett me have yr best opinion of my distemper ... I have much adoe to breath in a morning and I cannot walk far without a stopp for want of breath Sir if you can help me I will gratifie you Mr Lemmon may ffind an Apoticary at ye vanhelmans head on snow hill will wait upon you I would come up myselfe but London air choakes me. But if your worship thinks you can doe better by ye sight of me I will endeavour to wait on you soe expecting to hear from yr honour I remain ye ... [Sloane: Oxymel. sallit. tinct. decoct. ox. lagnis. bezoai. min]

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