Library: British Library, London

Manuscript: Sloane MS 4047

Folio: f. 208

Microfilm: The History of Science and Technology Series One: The Papers of Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 From the British Library, London Part 1: Science & Society, 1660-1773 Reel 6 Sloane Mss. 4046, 4047 98468

Language: English

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Date of letter (as written): August 5, 1724 (Gregorian)

Standardised date: 1724-08-05

Letter Origin (as written): Cowne Allins

Letter Destination (as written): ffor Sr Hans Sloane Bart In Great Russel-Street Bloomsbury In London

John Bellers

Sir Hans Sloane

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No Other Attached to This Letter

Letter written about self or others: Self

Single or Multiple Sufferers: Single Sufferer

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Patient 1

John Bellers (Male)

Age of Patient:

Description of Patient: Bellers has loose stools.

Previous Treatment: 'I take Milke or Chocolate w'th Spaw Water or Bear' 2 or 3 times daily. He thinks riding does him good; takes rhubarb and laudanum.

Ongoing Treatment: Sloane's prescription at the bottom of the letter reads: 'pulo. ad str. Mixt. de drascand.'

Diagnosis: Diarrhea.

Response: Bellers solicits Sloane's advice.

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Other Notes:
Bellers offers his condolences to Sloane, whose wife has died. He hopes that Sloane finds consolation in religion and grows closer to God. Bellers has treated prisoners and 58 of his 'Poorer Neighbors' to 'Baked Beefe'. John Bellers was a political economist and cloth merchant. He married fellow Quaker Fettiplace Bellers and agitated on behalf of the Society of Friends. One of his projects to propose the founding of a technical college for industrial workers. His critique of value influenced both Robert Owen and Karl Marx. Bellers published works on the practice of physic, political economy, government, and social policy (Tim Hitchcock, Bellers, John (16541725), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [, accessed 2 Aug 2013]).