Library: British Library, London

Manuscript: Sloane MS 4050

Folio: ff. 6-7

Microfilm: The History of Science and Technology Series One: The Papers of Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 From the British Library, London Part 1: Science & Society, 1660-1773 Reel 8 Sloane Mss. 4050, 4051 98470

Language: English

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Letter Subject:
Natural History
Physic Garden

Date of letter (as written): November 19, 1728 (Gregorian)

Standardised date: 1728-11-19

Letter Origin (as written): preston

Letter Destination (as written): For Sr Hans Sloan Baronett nigh Bloomsbery Square London

Richard Richardson

Sir Hans Sloane

Others Mentioned:
Philip Miller
Frederik Ruysch

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No Patients Attached to this Letter


[fol. 6] Hon d Sr I am now at preston where I designe to take up my winter Quarters & to returne into (La)keshire about the beginning of march I hope in that time to pick up something in Nat: Hist that may be acceptable to yu. I am very much obliged to yu for the valuable present of plants which I received fro Mr Miller for my garden some of the tender ones came so late that I fear I shall loose them the rest I left in good health, I thinke in good hands along with the plants I also received the favour of the two Bookes I am glad to find Dr Ruysch in such good health that he is still able to go on with his Anatomical observations. The Treates de Belammite I was very well pleased with & in it with the account of all the Bookes of fossils which have for some time by put been printed in Germany some of which I have not yet seen. Mr Millers List of plants for the physick garden came to me so late that I could not find them all though I had them in the garden, but have noted down such as I could not find which I promised to send him in the spring & if there is any thing omitted in his list which I can procure him I shall be very glad to serve him & if it lys in my power to do any thing that is obliging to you, you may be assured of the best endeavours of your obled: servant Ric: Richardson preston nov: 14 1728

Other Notes:
Richardson was a physician and botanist who traveled widely in England, Wales, and Scotland in search of rare specimens. He corresponded and exchanged plants with many well-known botanists and naturalists (W. P. Courtney, Richardson, Richard (16631741), rev. Peter Davis, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, May 2010 [, accessed 31 May 2011]).