Library: British Library, London

Manuscript: Sloane MS 4036

Folio: ff. 51-52

Microfilm: The History of Science and Technology Series One: The Papers of Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 From the British Library, London Part 1: Science & Society, 1660-1773 Reel 1 Sloane Mss. 4036, 4037 98457

Language: English

Letter Categories:

Letter Subject:
Proceedings of the Council

Date of letter (as written): April 22, 1689 (Gregorian)

Standardised date: 1689-04-22

Letter Origin (as written): [Jamaica]

Letter Destination (as written): To Doctor Hans Sloane These

H. Watson

Sir Hans Sloane

Others Mentioned:
Mr. Birkenhead
Edward Latham
Hender Molesworth
Captain Story
William III of England

Letter written about self or others: N/A

Single or Multiple Sufferers: N/A

Patients Mentioned in Letter:
No Patients Attached to this Letter



Other Notes:
An unnamed doctor appeared before 'ye Councill' and Watson obtained a copy of the charges against him. The doctor was given parole and failed to appear at the next Council hearing, sending a note instead. Watson took the doctor aside at the next convocation of the Council and explained Sloane's view regarding their disagreement. The unnamed doctor responded to the charges, stating that 'he had not uttered such words as you [Sloane] alleged'. Mr Birkenhead pressed the unnamed doctor to explain. The latter submitted 'yt on ye sight of ye fleet sailing away, & ye paym't of his money not secured he might passionatly utter many indecent expressions, but not intentionally though severall witnesses sworn who were by, they either did not hear or would not remember w't he spoke'. Captain Story and Edward Latham, Captain of the Guard, 'heard him [the unnamed doctor] say ye very same he spoke to you, w'ch they decalred on their oaths'. The unnamed doctor said he would appeal to the Prince of Orange '& expects sudden releif from Coll Molesworth who is expected here w'th as much earnestness, as ye Turks expect Mahomet.' Watson hopes Sloane remembers to send the news and books he promised.