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All of the indexed letters can presently be searched by category, people mentioned, author(s), author's sex and author's occupation. The medical letters can also be searched by ailments, patient, patient's sex, themes and relationship between author and patient.

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List of Categories

Charity Medical Philosophical Transactions Scientific
Collections Mental Illness Royal Society Social
Legal+ Patronage Scholarship* Travel

+ This includes occasions when Sloane was asked to give legal testimony, as well as his personal affairs.

* This can refer to scholarly debates about science, as well as non-scientific scholarship.

List of Ailments

Age Eyes Jaundice Pregnancy
Apoplexy Fevers Kidney* Rheumatism
Back Genitals Liver Skin ailments
Blood Gout Lungs Smallpox
Breasts Greensickness Melancholy Spleen
Cancer Haemorrhoids Menstrual Stomach (incl. bowels)
Childbirth Head Migraine Stone
Childhood Diseases Headache Mouth Stupor
Colds Heart Nerves Teeth
Colics Hydropsy Nose Throat
Consumptions Hypochondria Numbness Tumour
Coughs Hysteria Other Urinary
Dizziness Impotence Pain Vapours
Ears Inflammations Palsy Venereal
Emotions Injuries (incl. sores, bruises) Paralysis Wasting

* Includes “running of the reins,” which could be uncontrolled urination or a regular genital discharge.

List of Themes

Aging Friendships
Childhood Illness Narratives
Doctor-patient relationships Occupation
Domestic Medical Practices Pain Descriptions
Family Relationships Religion